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5 Websites for online surveys to make quick money

Whether you are a student, office person, housewife, or retired personnel you can participate in paid online surveys and earn a good deal.

Extra money hurts-said nobody ever!! To some, the extra income might help to improve their present and future life. So those looking to earn extra money to increase their net worth, save for a big goal, or pay a debt, can take up a side gig and earn a respectable amount of cash. Working from home has created the perfect environment for anyone to earn extra money with a side hustle. Whether you are a student who wants a source of income or someone who is just looking to supplement your regular income with some online side jobs, there are many viable options available today like taking online surveys, freelancing, testing, blogging, tutoring, etc.

5 Websites for online surveys to make quick money


Taking online surveys is by far the easiest way to make extra money. Whether you are a student, office person, housewife, or retired personnel you can participate in paid online surveys and earn a good deal. Simply take online surveys to answer questions about your opinion on a variety of topics and earn money in exchange for your time. Reputed names like google, amazon are also a part of paid online survey site industry.

There are some points you must check before taking up online surveys as a side gig:

  • Check for reviews
  • Always Watch Out for Scams and Fake Online Surveys
  • Make sure the privacy policy is clearly outlined
  • Be careful not to give away too much personal information
  • Make sure to have clear information concerning the payment
  • Always Cash your Money when You Reach the Limit as there is validity that might expire.

There are many popular unpopular survey sites available today. We have reviewed and analyzed some of the survey sites. Give it a read to find out which one is best suited for you and spend the rest of your spare time making money.




If you are looking for a passive way to earn extra cash online Pawns app is a legit choice. You can make passive income by just completing surveys in your spare time and sharing your internet. It is available in over 190 locations. All you need to do to start generating income is create a free account, install our app and answer the questions and let the app run in the background. The surveys take only a few minutes to complete and you can take as many surveys as you want. Your earnings on depends on your location, how many surveys you can complete and the amount of traffic (in GB) you share, and how long you keep the application running on the network.

With, you can legit earn money by just sharing your internet. You just have to share your unused bandwidth for a 100% passive income and turn your internet connection into cash, Bitcoin, or gift cards! Using the you can make from $5 to $140 per month.


Swagbucks is not just a survey site It’s a legitimate portal that allows you to earn SB points on anything from completing surveys and playing games to watching videos and making online purchases or even making it your default search engine.
Though the fastest way to earn these points is by completing online surveys. They have long and short surveys, which can take between 3 and 20 minutes to complete. Each one can pay you from 40 SB to 100 SB points. You can redeem your points for cash and have them deposited in your PayPal account or gift cards from over 1,500 retailers.


Toluna is another legitimate site that offers rewards for completing surveys. If you qualify for a survey, it will probably take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. You’ll get paid in points anywhere from 15 to 50,000 which you can exchange for cash, gift cards, or competition entries. You'll have a dashboard as well, which you can use to see how many points you're accumulating. Toluna’s payout minimum is $10, so you’ll have to spend more time on the site until you can finally cash out.


It is owned by one of the largest companies for consumer research and analysis called Lightspeed L.L.C. It’s available in 36 countries worldwide and rewards you for sharing your opinions that will help big corporations make the right decisions. In return for your time and opinion, the panel gives you points that you can redeem for cash or gift cards. You can redeem what you earn for useful things like virtual gift cards from Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon, and Mark & Spencer.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is a trusted legitimate survey website that can help people make a hefty sum by taking surveys. The surveys can be about anything, and popular brands use the answers to help them make the right business decisions. Each survey wins you points depending on the length of survey. The minimum payout threshold is 500 points or $5. You'll receive your payment within three business days, which includes cash through PayPal or gift card rewards to your favorite retailers or restaurants.

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