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Why Choose React For Web Development in 2023?

React has many applications starting from developing a web app, to developing a cross-platform desktop app.

React is an excellent framework for web development in 2023. It’s easy to learn, and it offers a lot of benefits over other JavaScript libraries, including those that are more popular. With the growing popularity of React, it’s not hard to understand why a lot of people are choosing to use the React framework for their web development processes.

Why Choose React For Web Development in 2023?

React offers an amazing ecosystem, tons of features and tools, and tremendous community support, and also is SEO-friendly. However, more than knowing all these benefits, you must know how they contribute to your web development process is required.

What is React? 

React is a free, open-source JavaScript library for building User Interfaces. It is used to build single-page applications and allows you to create reusable UI components. You can build some brilliant and responsive websites using React. 

Why Should You Use React for Web Development?

React is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook that allows you to write user interfaces and create apps. It has been around since 2013 but has only recently become popular among developers. In fact, according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, React is now the most popular JavaScript framework among web developers for web development! Before React, Angular JS, Ember JS, and Ajax were taking the privilege of web and app development.

The main reason why React is so popular is that it offers developers an easy way to create applications with a lot of functionality at once. This means that your app doesn’t need to be as complicated as other frameworks; instead, you can focus on building features in your app rather than how to get those features up and running on the web. This can help make your app easier for users to understand and use! There are multiple platforms based on React to create web applications, mobile applications, and cross-hybrid platforms for desktops.

Another benefit of using React is that it doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML or CSS before getting started with development. You don’t need any experience with either one before using React; all you need is an understanding of JavaScript syntax and how functions work within the language itself! That being said let’s understand what are the advantages of using React as your web development framework.

Advantages of React

1. Easy To Learn

This is perhaps the most important advantage that comes with choosing React as a framework. It’s very easy to learnso you’ll save a lot of time on training your teams or other developers on how to use it effectively. And this is one of the best reasons why you should choose React for web development. Even if you’re new to web development, React can be learned quickly and easily because it doesn’t require special skills or experience—just basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge.

2. Faster To Build

Because of its component-based approach and virtual DOM, React is a lot faster than other frameworks. This means that you won’t have to spend much time developing your app or website. Internally, React employs several unique options to minimize the frequency of costly DOM operations needed to refresh the UI. That is the reason why for many applications, using React will lead to a fast user interface without doing much work to specifically optimize for performance.

3. Tons Of Applications in the Web Development Field

React.js has different applications for all applications such as web apps, mobile apps(IOS and Android), and desktop apps with cross-platform support You can use ReactDOM for web applications, and React Native can be used to develop mobile applications for both IOS and Android and Electron can be used for cross-platform hybrid desktop applications.

What we love the most in the applications of React is the flexibility it offers. You can combine React.JS with other tools that will help in laying the foundation for complex applications. Furthermore, you can pick a library and use it to display a page or view, etc. Because of its versatile applications, it has been used in some of the most renowned applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Airbnb, Netflix, and so on.

4. Creating Dynamic Web Pages

Most web pages using basic CSS, HTML, or JavaScript does not support creating dynamic web pages and to make it dynamic there is a lot that goes into the sacrifice table like the performance, usability, etc. Whereas React is a great framework for web development because of its use in developing interactive elements and dynamic content.

5. SEO Friendliness

As React runs over a server and returns a virtual DOM request while browsing, it makes the web pages light for the search engine crawlers to crawl through the web pages and ultimately makes it easier to rank. The other web pages with Javascript codes with heavy applications make the search engine a little hard to crawl through and make it less supportive of SEO ranking.

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6. Efficient Code Reuse Facility

React works on components which makes it easy to reuse the components in other builds. It also allows you to create new features without having to start from scratch,  as you can reuse the codes and save time and money as well. The major advantage of components in this JavaScript library is that you can re-use them on any platform.

7. Testability of Apps

Who doesn’t love an easy process? The mobile applications made using React are very easy for functionality testing. The easiness and flexibility are what make it more popular than Angular among developers. It is easy to test because its views are treated as a function of a specific state.

8. Accessibility of Tools For Developers

React developer tools comprises Extension, Frameworks, and Libraries to make React Development simple and easy to use. Tools are the reason for the popularity of React among developers that helped make life easier, save time, and make development easier and faster. Here are a few tools that can be used while building a website or app with React. The two common toolsets available are React Develop Tools and Redux Developer Tools.

The other tools for developers are:

  • Belle
  • BIT
  • Create React App
  • Gatsby
  • Evergreen
  • React 360
  • Redux

And a lot more are there that are a great help for developers.

9. Vast Community of Developers

As we already said React is preferred by several Fortune 500 companies like Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Twitter, etc, it has a massive community out there and is actively supported by developers working now on Facebook’s software system, which is a great advantage when it comes to using React.js for web development.


The above sections imply the vast popularity of react and why you should consider React for web development in 2023. With React there are multiple benefits like faster web pages, improved performance by all means, etc. we are starting to see some of the first steps towards a more modularized approach to writing React applications. It’s a great way to create dynamic and interactive applications that are fast, efficient, and easy to maintain.


How is the performance of React?

Ans. React is quite fast than other web development platforms. Thanks to the VirtualDOM. The DOM is a representation of the HTML codes that gives JavaScript the ability to manipulate HTML elements by using DOM API. 

Why should I choose to React rather than other frameworks?

Ans. React is comparatively faster than other frameworks. There is a reusability factor that helps in saving time and money in development. It supports server-side rendering of websites making it faster by all means

How to use React developer tools?

Ans. React Developer Tools is the most common and popular browser extension for React application development, and these tools help you in making better applications with better code-writing abilities.

Can React be used for mobile applications?

Ans. React has many applications starting from developing a web app, to developing a cross-platform desktop app. For the answer, yes it can be used for mobile applications as well by using React Native.

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